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I am  Ann-Marie Dyer, owner, decorator at  Hidden Gem.

Hidden Gem is my baby, it’s a unique property, tucked away in a quiet enclave in Inch Marlow, Christ Church, a one of a kind space that you won’t see anywhere else in Barbados. From the moment you enter the gates at Hidden Gem you get a glimpse of what’s to come,  from the gardens and the Koi pond til you walk through the doors where you’re transported into an elegant, well laid out, beautifully decorated space I think you will absolutely love.

I love decorating and truly enjoyed transforming it from the dilapidated state to the Gem I think it is today. I refurbished old furniture, chose the color of the sea, combinations of various blues, mixed old with new, cheap with expensive, spray painted pieces to match the decor.  I wanted to create a space that is warm, inspiring, inviting, unique and that evoked feelings of happiness. I feel I have accomplished that.

I have been told it’s a South Coast house with a West Coast feel. I wanted to be in a local, residential neighborhood but have a home that was contemporary, elegant, sophisticated and WOW, yet comfortable and homey not only for me but for my guests  so I’ve provided every amenity I think a guest would want. There are Bluetooth speakers in the rooms, complimentary WiFi throughout the house, surround sound speakers outdoors, bar area, multiple outdoor spaces for you to enjoy, lounge chairs, pool towels, pillow top beds, wraps/eye masks, bath essentials and amenities such as bath gel, shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Thank you for choosing Hidden Gem, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
 Meet your Hostess & Manager

Ameena White
Ameena is a wife and mother of a young adult. With a vast knowledge of Barbados and armed with plenty of resources, Ameena is the perfect person to ensure that your trip to Barbados is phenomenal.  She has excellent customer service skills and is multi-faceted. As a teenager, she worked in various roles in the hospitality industry. Even though her involvement has transitioned from one sphere to the next, the one thing that remains constant is that her customer satisfaction is her #1 priority. She will ensure your vacation is a memorable one.  She will be  your go to person during your stay.
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